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Tom Nolan Distinguished Coach Award

The Tom Nolan Distinguished Coach Award was established by the Louisiana Track and Field Coaches’ Association in 2018 to honor an outstanding coach from our association as well as honoring the legacy of our friend and coaching colleague, the late Tom Nolan, each year.  The Award recognizes a coach who is or has made a difference in the lives of the student-athletes under his/her tutelage.  While not excluding success in terms of winning and losing, it places greater emphasis on the positive influence he has had over his athletes, in athletics and life.

In establishing the criteria for this award, we had to look no further than the word that Tom Nolan’s coaching peers and athletes used to describe him:  Those words are:  “passion,” “dignity, excellence,”  genuine, “unselfish,”  “influence,” “integrity,” “courage,” “faithful,” and “character.”


Eddie Cole – Episcopal High School


Tom Nolan – Comeaux High School
Wally Smith – Holy Savior Menard High School